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Sounds like

The Whitlams, Ben Folds, Neil Finn, Ben Lee

band members

Sean Lillico - All Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Organ, Accordion, Melodion, Teaspoon, Triangle, Whistle, Ocarina


Classical, folk, Pop



The piano tuning producer and performer from Western Australia.

In the small hours of the morning, somewhere in the Yallingup Forest, as the possums play and the kangaroos feast on nature’s succulent bounty, Sean is most likely working in his remote bush-shack studio.

Sean’s multi instrumental talents are well regarded far and wide. A specialist in writing, arranging and producing songs for a long list of clients, Sean’s passion for songwriting is evident in his mastery of a wide range of styles, both as a producer and performer in a number of bands and as a vocalist and solo artist.

"Writing and recording songs started as an indescribably enjoyable hobby which kept me sane as a teenager. It was a way to try and reach out to people - hopefully with a decipherable message or image. A way to vent.... and also a way to grow.... I just love writing, recording and performing. And I love beautiful instruments and 'organic' recordings where every sound originates from a real instrument or voice. I've spent the last decade refining my songwriting and recording skills, and learning to play as many instruments as possible. Because it is what I love. I believe that every aspect of musicianship and production is waiting to be learned - and it is so rewarding if you do a variety of things within the industry.”

Sean’s reputation is well known from one end of WA to the other, as he works with artists from the Kimberley, Goldfields, Wheatbelt, Pilbara and Mid-West regions, both independently and also as a producer/engineer for WAM (West Australian Music)’s ‘Sounds Of’ Project. He now dedicates the vast majority of his time working in many areas of the music industry in southwestern Australia.