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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Pearl Jam

band members

Angellis Taliuu - Vocals, bass, Glennjamin - Drums, The Thirsty Gibbon - Guitar


David Bowie, Trial kennedy, coheed and cambria

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On the new years day of 2008, two 'men' and one teenage boy joined together to create a band of stoppable forces. Angellis Taliuu, solo artist and call centre worker, The Thirsty Gibbon, pimply faced teenager, and Glennjamin, original drummer from Bayard, and accountant! It was during this time that they would write songs famous amongst themselves, classics that became known as Swallow, Still Fighting and Yoko Ono Goes to the Beach for Super Fun Happy Time! But only one of these songs would go down as a crowd favourite, the somewhat suss Famous Sheets! And thus Bizzarre Love Triangle was born! And over the year they would become The Triangles, The Car Park Shadows and eventually, with the aid of Lady Gibbon, Seasons Of Volume. Thus SOV was officially born, and managed to secure their first giggeth, at the famous Peninsula Lounge. And thus was their good luck they managed to secure a second gig and a third fan! And also due to their luck,The Peninsula Lounge shut down. No more gigs for SOV..... After months of soul searching (Soul searching being the term of returning to reality and couch surfing) SOV managed to secure a gig with EMERGENZA, who kindly took their $150 and let them play in an open gig, which they midly rocked! Soon the gigs came rolling, the fans were forced to come, the music got better, Angellis grew to resemble Meatloaf, and Glennjamin remained an accountant. The Gibbon briefly quit and created his own band, Volumes of Season and Glennjamin joined straight away, but the boys had become Men! And soon they released their EP, and response was most excellent! SOV continued to build up their name and ability amongst their home crowd, and are soon set to record a new EP. What will become of SOV? Its choose your own adventure, If you wish for them to succeed, turn to page 54 and download all their songs, if you wish for them to fail turn to page 68 and SOV will die hilariously....