Artist info


Pop, Punk

Sounds like

green day, blink 182, Small Town Heroes

band members

Aidan D. - Lead Vocals & 2nd Guitar Katie C. - 1st Guitar Zane P. - Backing Vocals & Bass Guitar Brandon M. - Backing Vocals & Drummer


twenty one pilots, pierce the veil, violent soho, green day, Panic! At The Disco, David Bruebeck

Unearthed artists we like

To Catch A Fox, Post Modern Karate


Second Hand Stoke are a four piece pop punk band currently shaking up the scene in Perth, WA.
Since forming in early 2016, consisting of terrifying Lead vox + rhythm guitar Aidan D, shredding on lead guitar Katie C, Loud, low and dirty bass guitar + backing vox Zane P and the handsome drummer + backing vox Brandon M.
These pop punk kids came together with ideas and energy to create what is one of the most hectic live performances most Perth people will ever hear!
Supporting acts such as Breed, True Neutrals, Small Town Heroes, Those Who Dream and many, many more.

The band have recently completed their debut EP “No Safe Amount Of Second Hand Stoke” feature tracks like: I Am A Zombie; I Will Malice You With A Shoehorn, sassy? and single runaway milk. Aims set to improve the EP early 2017.

Their current live show consists of 40 minutes of loud and brutal punk rock with critically acclaimed covers such as, Holiday, The ballad of Mona Lisa, Pretty Fly For A White Guy and more.
Facebook: Second Hand Stoke
Instagram: @secondhandstokeofficial