Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Parkway Drive, Gojira, Karnivool, Atreyu

band members

Chris Heath - Lead Vocals, Stevie Rebel - Guitars/Vocals, Nick Draney- Guitars, Robbie Callanan - Drums, Garrick Mackay - Bass Guitar


Atreyu, Alexisonfire, Killswitch Engage, Gojira


Every band needs to start somewhere. In the strange and twisted world of SecondHeart, that somewhere was 2007, when Stevie ‘Rebel’ Reville and Garrick Mackay picked up their battered old acoustic guitars and headed out into the Brisbane nights, playing a few local shows and whatever open-mic nights they could find, playing under the name 'Almost Everything' As 2007 drew to a close, Jamo joined the band on skins, rounding out the sound with his heavy rock beats and providing new energy to the group. Stevie and Garrick switched to electric guitar and bass respectively, and with a new sound and outlook, began the task of establishing themselves. Under the name A Scarlet Obsession, the band played a few small shows around Brisbane, tearing up stages at Club 299, Fat Louie’s, and The Living Room. As their fanbase grew and evolved, so too did the band, until the realisation set in that they could no longer cut it as a three-piece. Revelling in the darker, heavier sounds they were producing, mid-2010 saw the addition of two new members to their ranks: Nick Draney on guitar, and Josh Carroll on vocals. A final line-up change saw Jamo leave in early 2011, replaced by the human drum machine Robbie Callanan, who promptly dialled the band’s already hectic energy up to eleven. With the talent and energy to finally truly realise the band’s new, unique fusion of hardcore punk, melodic death metal, and groovy rock ‘n’ roll, A Scarlet Obsession (shortened to 'ASO') began ripping up stages all over Brisbane. As 2011 transitioned into 2012, however, all was not right. A steadily increasing gap in musical differences saw Josh leave the band in mid-2012. Now without a lead vocalist, Stevie invited the reclusive night-shift hermit Chris Heath into the rehearsal rooms for a couple of jams. With his powerful mix of death metal bellows and black metal snarls, Chris brought something new to the group, that final element to complete the mix. Mid-2012 also brought another shakeup: the decision to change the group’s name. After many a long brainstorming session, Nick finally devised the name 'SecondHeart' (complete with logo) that the entire band not only agreed on, but absolutely fucking loved. Watch the stages, fellow Brisbanites. Pump your fists and bang your heads to the sheer sonic insanity that is SecondHeart.