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Indie, Rock

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Adebisi Shank, …And So I Watch You From Afar, Battles, Holy Fuck, Don Caballero, 65daysofstatic, Ratatat, Tortoise

band members

The live lineup consists of: Simeon Bartholomew: bass + keys Sorcha Albuquerque / Sam Sheumack: guitar + noise Chris Allison: drums Paul Meo: trumpet + synth



‘Imperfect Black’ is just that. The darkness of the unknown - and not being frightened by it, but more embracing and building on the unsettling. In this charming, delicate, 3 minute “math-pop” song from SEIMS, the unit break all expectations of the math-rock band yet again, and deliver the perfect closer to this epically chaotic album.

“Creating the Imperfect Black was a mandatory for the album…” says Simeon Bartholomew, the man behind the project. “…and how do we create a sonic imperfection? It’s all about breaking what you think is perfect (in this case, the formulae of math-rock), and picking up the remainders, and attempting to recreate your ‘perfection’ with what’s left."

Collaborating with the incredible voice of Wartime Sweethearts’ frontwoman Louise Nutting, the two worked together on capturing the ‘journey of coupled isolation’ - rounding up the trek through the monstrous chaos that is Cyan, the grandiose synth-scapes of Magenta, and the monumental havoc of Yellow.

Capturing the delicateness, isolation, and release, Imperfect Black’s music video was directed by Dallas Maurer, and shot by Josh Newman, both responsible for SEIMS’ extremely captivating clips HKVV and TUN respectively.

3, which is set to be released on Bird's Robe Records (sleepmakeswaves, The Red Paintings) and Art As Catharsis (We Lost The Sea, Adrift For Days) was recorded and mixed by Sydney's Tim Carr (We Lost the Sea / Matt Corby / Dr. G Yunupingu) and mastered by the legendary Jeff Lipton (Battles / Tyondai Braxton / City & Colour).

Having forged a reputation as a live powerhouse, as well as recently supporting the likes of Regurgitator and Tortoise, SEIMS are guaranteed to tour Australia later in the year, as well as having locked in a debut tour to Japan, ensuring they'll be bringing the power of 3 to the public.

For fans of Battles, The Physics House Band, 65daysofstatic, Adebisi Shank, Alarmist, and Three Trapped Tigers.




"SEIMS are an all-out auditory assault." - Life Is Noise

“It’s the best kind of music you could hear.“ - Heavy Mag

“[…] A great and intensive record to say the very least…” - Killyourstereo



27 May 2016


Heavy. Fun. Scary. Driving. Rad.

Heavy. Fun. Scary. Driving. Rad.