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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Birds of Tokyo, Muse, Cub Sport, Jeff Buckley, SAFIA, Highasakite

band members

Grant - Guitar Pete - Vocal Bretto - Drums Andy - Bass Helfy - Guitar Ruz - Keys


Silverchair, Muse, Pavarotti, The Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, Daniel Johns, Radiohead



Since the release of their 2017 debut EP release, September Sun are about moving onwards and upwards with new material. An in-flux of newly written ideas saw the band unable to resist heading back to the studio. The new single Stalemate, recorded just a few months ago with Ben Court at Beardfoot Studios, delves deeper into their musical minds. The track is set for digital release and launched live at Babushka on June 16, with plans to feature on a future EP release.

Initially forming as a four-piece in May 2012, September Sun has gone on to not only expand to six members but also gone on to develop and harness their sound. September Sun released their debut single, Solace, in 2014. It was an important step forward for the band, not only in terms of posting some runs on the board, but acting as a doorway to what they needed to do next. It helped establish a modest following for the band and gave them the creative tools and experience in the studio to make a determined follow-up release in the form of their debut EP, Of A Feather.

“After Solace we really wanted to push the envelope, creatively,” Knott states. “We were full of ideas, but didn’t have anything we were completely satisfied in with to release. We felt we didn’t want to rush things, and wanted to dedicate as much time to writing something we could all be proud of.
In March of 2017, the band released their debut EP titled Of a Feather to a sold out crowd at the Four5nine bar in Perth, WA. Across the seven tracks a diversity of moods are traversed – the dark, the uplifting, the wild – as September Sun ponder reality, perception, society and beyond, AKA the crux of life and how we all fit into it.

The EP featuring the first single One More Day, alongside its video was received in great context and set the bar high for the follow up single. Cranes for Comfort also accompanied by its own video was a standout track and warranted its own release. “Overall, it’s a very personal EP,” Knott says. “The feather is a link to the bird, and birds have many symbolic properties. I became quite infatuated with all the human-like qualities we associate with birds, that and the freedom to fly and move about in the sky, and see things from a different perspective. It’s quite philosophical, really.
“Lyrically, I feel it’s quite deep, and very personal to me. In a way it’s therapeutic, as music and poetry is my way of expressing my emotions and connections to the magnificent and wacky world we live in. My head was in many different places whilst writing this EP, and I think that’s definitely reflected in the songwriting.”
With an extended period of time spent consolidating as a band and then recording these songs within studio confines, September Sun were more than ready to take them out into the wider world. Perspiration has led to more creative inspiration with new song and ideas mounting, but at this moment the stage is calling and the band are ready to answer.


Review of One More Day by September Sun KYM REDMOND

10 Nov 2017


Great song! Awesome voice

Great song! Awesome voice


Review by Mundi Mundi

21 May 2017