Since the release of their 2017 debut EP release, September Sun are about moving onwards and upwards with new material. An in-flux of newly written ideas saw the band unable to resist heading back to the studio. Late 2017, saw the release of the single 'Stalemate' and 2018 delved into equality with the anticipated single 'Forbidden Love'. 2019 brings us the new single Where I Want To Be, recorded in 2018 by Ben Court and mixed by Chris Hanssen, focuses on intricate dynamics and a more mature sound for the group. The track is set for digital release on the 1st of September

Their debut single, Solace, in 2014, was an important step forward for the band, not only in terms of posting some runs on the board, but acting as a doorway to what they needed to do next. In March of 2017, the band released their debut EP titled 'Of a Feather' to a sold out crowd at the Four5nine bar in Perth, WA. Across the seven tracks a diversity of moods are traversed – the dark, the uplifting, the wild – as September Sun ponder reality, perception, society and beyond.