With inspirations ranging from Birds of Tokyo to Queens of the Stone Age to Muse, September Sun aspire to carve out their signature sound in the years ahead. 2014 was a big year for the independent artists, having released their debut single ‘Solace’ at The Amplifier Bar in November shortly followed by the music video for the release, shot by Robert W Livings. The two track single for ‘Solace’, was recorded with Music Producer - Andy Lawson renowned for his work with Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, and End of Fashion. “The big idea for us was to establish the band and establish the name out there, in the industry and in Perth. We felt that an EP might get lost, there’s so many bands out there trying to do that already. We thought we’d go out, create an image, establish a name, generate an interest, get a following, before we throw an EP at them”, (Pete Knott – vocalist.

2015/2016 saw September Sun's transition into a more matured sound, with all focus going to writing for their debut EP titled 'Of a feather'. The band aspires to tour regionally off the back of their EP, but most importantly enjoy playing with like-minded independent Perth musicians. Now with 2016 drawing to an end, and a freshly recorded debut EP, recorded with Andy Lawson (Debaser Studios), the band is rearing to share the new material. A taste of the EP was broadcasted live on MIX 94.5 in May, which saw the group perform an acoustic rendition of the track ‘Cranes for Comfort’.The debut EP is set for release in early January 2017.

In a live performance, attitude is everything, the band prides themselves on always playing an entertaining show, no matter the crowd size. Perth music journalist Rrocklobster reported “Pete Knott’s surging vocals captured everyone attention. This guy can hold a note! September Sun’s songs were laden with crashing drums and plenty of cymbal and hi-hat action, combined with crunchy guitar chords and intricate finger picking and deep, bouncing bass lines. There wasn’t a pair of boots in the room that weren’t tapping. The set ended with Knott joining two audience members in a crazy dancing session while the rest of the band thrashed it out on stage. It’s easy to see why September Sun have been receiving so much attention from the press lately! Keeps your eyes peeled for their next gig announcement.” With bright futures ahead, September Sun continue to create, perform and love what they do.