Artist info



Sounds like

Sepultura, Slayer, Municipal Waste

band members

Glen Chilcott - Vocals, Kyle Morar - Guitars, Kiel Stanger - Guitars, Matt Saxon - Bass, Nathan Crofts - Drums


old Sepultura, Municipal Waste, Warbringer


WE PLAY WHAT WE PLAY SEPTIC is the thrash metal/crossover project of 5 mates. Vocalist, Glen, Guitarists, Kyle & Kiel, Bassist, Matt, and drummer Crofty. SEPTIC is based around a single theory; If we play really really fast noone will be able to hear how shit we are. This theory is also applied to guitar solos. We are all about having fun thrashing out and playing the metal we were brought up on. Speed Metal with no apologies... Thanks, Management.