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Calvano - vocals, guitar, keys Bakesy - Bass Matty - Fiddle Jimmy - Guitar Harry - Drums


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The Settlement are never one to be pigeon holed. Channelling alternative/folk with southern stomp, they’ve just returned from a recording session at The Aviary (The Panics, Bonjah, The Cat Empire) where they laid down new single “She’s Alright” and forthcoming debut album.

Fuelled by fiddle and strong rhythm, The Settlement formed in the sleepy town of Hamilton VIC where Calvano (vocals, Guitar), Baker (Bass) and Matty (Violin) have been playing for over ten years. But The Settlement's ever evolving sound wasn't born until Jimmy (guitar) and Harry (drums) arrived. Five close mates playing honest tunes, doing it all for life experiences.

Written by Calvano many months ago, “She’s Alright” started when reflecting on “some looser nights and how things have changed”. Calvano explains that “It’s about the little devil inside everyone that wants to come out and play. Sometimes we run with the devil and that’s fun for a bit, but everything gets flipped upside down when you meet that special person that makes the devil quietly disappear”.

Listing Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan as influences, The Settlement have clear roots in folk but pride themselves on staying honest to their own sound and never staying relevant to any kind of scene. With free minds and no clear sound to conform, the band went into the studio with a blank page and open mind which helped producer Fraser Montgomery push the boys to find something wholly original and their best work to date.


Review by heathceccato heathceccato

26 Oct 2016


Nice production. I like the voice. Musically sounds a little flat.

Nice production. I like the voice. Musically sounds a little flat.


Review by Jordon Hill Jordon Hill

15 Mar 2016


awesome band always going one better

awesome band always going one better