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Rock, Metal

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No one

band members

Peter Hayes - vocals, Nick Snelling - guitar, Ben Brennan - bass, Damian Murdoch - guitar, Matt Quick - drums


Faith No More, Pantera


SEVEN Originality counts. No one sounds quite like SEVEN. Having toured OZ extensively with bands like THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and COG, 2006 sees high octane heavy rock outfit SEVEN having carved a fearsome live reputation. Hailing originally from Australia’s North Coast, SEVEN's sold-out shows at the premier venue of Byron Bay’s Backroom were something to talk about. 1999 saw the release of SEVEN’s debut self-titled E.P., which has since completely sold out. The track ‘Grind’ was included on Triple J’s compilation ‘Full Metal Racket’. It was this powerful live reputation that scored them supports with SOULFLY and THE TEA PARTY, and a residency at Dreamworld’s X-tremeworld for two years running. In the year 2000, SEVEN followed up with the even more successful ‘Superiority Complex’ ep, and in August 2000, they travelled to Europe to play alongside the BloodHound Gang and Oasis, Mainstage at the Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. 2002 saw SEVEN release their first full-length album titled ‘Get Up, Wake Up, Open Your Mind!’ with two bonus tracks including a remix by Dave Atkins (RESIN DOGS) and featuring a CD ROM. After relocating to Melbourne in 2003, SEVEN have firmly established themselves as one of the city's best live acts and a breath of fresh air in the genre of heavy rock. Now, with the May release of their highly anticipated new ep 'Escape Sequence', SEVEN emerge at the top of their game. Produced by Forrester Savell (KARNIVOOL, FULL SCALE, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT), 'Escape Sequence' realises SEVEN's startingly original style of songwriting and captures a powerful new sound. Fusing their dynamic cocktail of rock, metal and melody, and featuring the awesome vocal acrobatics of frontman Pete Hayes, SEVEN create fresh, new music with a bite. Highlight tracks 'A Cynical Outlook', 'Midday Stick-up'(possibly the world's first song about a band robbing a bank!) and an adrenalized re-invention of John Farnham/Little River Band's 'Playing To Win' stand to paint SEVEN as a band with a definitive sound of their own. Heads are starting to turn. Ears are starting to prick. SEVEN are here.