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Indie, Punk, Rock, Roots

band members

Goodo - vocals, keys, songwriter Gavitron - guitars Mark D - bass Dylan - drums Leesa-Ree - backing vocals Mads - backing vocals Captain Smooth - horns Doctor Brink - horns


The Sexicleistiscs (or however they're spelt) have been kicking around in Townsville, NQ for a good chunk of time now; band members have fluctuated over the years, peaking at one point at 29 noise makers. Usually known as The Sexies, because that's easier to spell and some of these guys are pretty good looking, The Sexicleeesa...The Sexiclasgd... these guys have been described (admittedly by themselves) as psychedelic space gypsy jazz polka prog folk rock theatrical blues. (although not always in that order). (although not always in that order). The current make up of the band (as per this recording) includes guitar by Gav Rossetti; vocals, keys and songwritings by Goodo Goodson; backing vocals by Leesa Baker and Madonna Davies; bass by Mark Dyer; drums by Dylan Howells, and horns by Richard Brinkman and Nick Emtage . They're usually joined on stage by a swag of other musos. These songs are from our latest (and only) EP "IN THE GARDEN OF YOUR SOUL"; mixed, mastered and soundgooderised by Gavatron. Recorded in Sexytones studios. CD artwork by Stephan Beattie and with extra occasional guitars by JJ Willmett