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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Belly, Fleetwood Mac, The Audreys, Mia Dyson, Frente, The Cranberries

band members

Carolyn Gowers: Vocals & Keys; Charles "Tango" Tanti: Lead Guitar; Carl Lundgren: Bass & BVs; Adrian Burrage: Drums & BVs


Fleetwood Mac, Belly, Tanya Donelly, The Waifs, Tinpan Orange



With echoes of the early 90s Melbourne indie pop scene, Shadowboard are genre crossovers. Traversing energised rock through to a gentler folk-inspired leaning, the lyrics relate stories of the human condition within a strong musical frame. Soft and haunting vocals are counterpoint to at times driving rhythms, and memorable riffs.

Formed in Melbourne with a love of varying genres, Shadowboard's songwriting strikes an emphasis on style variety and honest, heartfelt lyrics. Shadowboard's debut EP “Outlines”, released in 2016, showcases these aspects.

Led by the first single, Storyteller, Shadowboard's songs have achieved airplay in Australia, the UK, US and Germany. The second single, Ink, was released in September 2016, maintaining a No. 1 position on the Unearthed Roots charts for 3 weeks.

In early 2017 Shadowboard put their energies into producing the soundtrack for St Kilda Football Club's Home Soon promotion.

Now the third single - Still Listening - an upbeat and funky little number, that in contrast, tells a story of the importance of real listening and being listened to - being there for people who need you to hold space and then needing that yourself. It is the art of "Still" listening, listening with stillness amidst the sounds and activity (no matter how funky).

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