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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Angus & Julia on shrooms

band members

Chrissa - Keys/Vocals | Morgan - Guitar/Vocals | Ari - Bass | Lewis - Drums


pink floyd, Portishead, The Black Keys

Unearthed artists we like

Boss Moxi, Massai, Papperbok, Vegas Aces, Yo Yo Ma, Baskervillain



Four friends from Brisbane make up this psychedelic band that formed in 2011. With enthralling melodies, funky beats, tremendous guitar solos and moments of grunge, feel at once euphoric and haunted by their progressive musical creations. Shady Bliss completed recording their debut EP "Ocean Screams" in November 2012 which was released digitally on the 7th of March. Shady Bliss are currently recording their 2nd EP, which has seen the release of their latest single "Monsters" recorded and mixed by Shady Bliss themselves. "Monsters" was released on the 12th of October 2013. "The trippy tone of the evening is only confirmed with the arrival of the next performers for the night, Shady Bliss. Their set was a mixture of Floyd-esque psychadelia and some modern surprises. Lead singer Morgan’s rough and powerful voice formed an unusual but pleasant juxtaposition with the music from his bandmates." - Jacob Carson, Society of Sound

Listen to the new single "Deluge" Here:
or our debut EP "Ocean Screams" here: