Artist info


Pop, Punk, Roots

Sounds like

The Pogues, DKM, Floggin Molly

band members

Jimmy - banjo, mandolin, vocals Alan - Guitar, Uke,Vocals, Tom- guitar, whistle, vocals, Dave - drums, Kevin - bass, Adam - fiddle


Celtic Punk, gypsy ska, sea shanties



The Shambolics The Shambolics play raucous rollickin’ roots music, with tunes from Dublin Bay to Vladivostok and songs inspired by a lost weekend in a sheebeen in downtown Birmingham; England not Alabama. All sorts of instruments will be on the stage and some of them might actually be played – pipes, whistles, banjo, accordion, guitars, harps and even a bodhran to get the feet stompin... The lads hammer out mainly rollickin’ original tunes but might even do a few tunes by the Pogues, DKM, Floggin Molly and Celine Dion – just jokin - we don’t do any Floggin Molly!! Put on Yer dancing clogs on and get down to a Shambos gig – or we’ll come and get yeh!!