Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Ani difranco, Ben Harper, Dave Matthew, Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, John Butler

band members

Shane Walters; Vox, Acoustic guitar, Lapslide, Electric guitar. William Lee; Electric Bass, Upright Bass & backing vox. Duncan Yardly; Violin & Viola. Drummer inwaiting.


Kelly Joe Phelps, DMB

Unearthed artists we like

Austin Busch and band, Little Green, Simon Phillips


For a mostly solo artist, Shane has developed a live sound with as much presence as possible, without compromising the intricacies and space for notes to breathe. Once you scratch the surfaces, you'll hear the underlying lyrics and positive life messages within his songs. Shane brings a stable balance of music and poetry. Within his performance Shane can swap between a self-made electric/acoustic lapslide, bottleneck acoustic slide guitar, standard acoustic, 12string acoustic lapslide and a resonator lapslide. Shane's music and writing style varies from peaceful rhythms, 'jazzy' finger-picking, roots, blues mixed with lots of alternate tunings and delicate slide guitar being his signature sound. His lyrical inspiration comes from the surrounding world, life's splendors and tribulations.

Shane first released his solo debut Ep ‘Faces’ in September 2006. Since then his been touring, recording and promoting his music. Undertaking his first independent solo promotional tour of North America in 2007. Playing shows from British Columbia, New York City, Toronto, Montreal and California. Returning 2 years later. Traveling city by city with 2 guitars and a backpack.
“It’s a different world being on the road for that long in another country, life changes so much everyday with every new place. So you have to evolve too”
Shane formed a band in 2010 and they began performing around Melbourne. Heading into the studio and laying down tracks for an independent album ‘Box of Birds’ around 2012.
Recorded mostly at his home studio in Melbourne, with the final vocal tracks and mastering being completed in Northern California in 2013.

Life took a different direction in 2014, Shane started his own business and moved away from his home base of Melbourne. Relocating to Northern NSW, leaving behind his music community, the album sat 99% complete for a number of years while he focused on other interests. It wasn't until 2018 that the final pieces came together and the album was quietly released on all online platforms.

Box of Birds consists of 12 songs, organically written and recorded. From an artist who play for the love of music and non-commercial creative expression.