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Rock and Roll, Good, time

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Jimi Coelli - Bass and Vocals Thomas James Watson - Guitar and Vocals Callum Routledge - Drums and Vocals


led zeppelin, Brian Setzer, Queens Of The Stone Age


Before 2009, mayhem ruled the streets of Melbourne. Bandits roamed the alleyways, preying on unsuspecting music lovers with unbridled chaos. It was clear someone needed to clean up the mess. Enter Sheriff. The band got down and dirty with the crims that lined the sticky carpet of Melbourne’s pubs and bars. They busted eardrums, they tore shreds from their detractors and they poured sweat onto anyone who got in their way. They released their first, self-titled EP in 2012 with much gusto, and gigged relentlessly. No weeknight was sober enough to withstand the visceral assault that Sheriff gave it; the weekend was no luckier. From the swamp in which they were born, it is time to welcome back the finest purveyors of southern-psychedelic-horror-blues-rock this side of your great granddaddy’s graveyard. They might not have been missing for long, but Sheriff have returned to burn your ears out with their latest aural incantation; Roughhouse Hymns. Taking the elements of down-home southern rock’n’roll, and throwing themselves at it with frenetic passion, Sheriff’s three members – Jimi, Tom and Callum – have destroyed stages across Melbourne’s deviant rock music scene for a few years now, but for those who have born witness to the mayhem, prepare yourselves. You ain’t seen nothing like this yet. Roughhouse Hymns is Sheriff’s second EP, a rambunctious cacophony of guitar riffs, drum beats and blood-curdling vocals. 6 tracks, each more vicious than the last, are guaranteed to not only rock your socks off, but wrap them around your neck and strangle all but the most critical elements of your soul. Go see their live show. “Sheriff are one of the most talented rock ‘n’ roll bands in Australia. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re missing out. Seriously. They’re so good that, without experiencing them live, there is a hole in your life.” (Matt Haycroft ( magazine) “Sheer chaos was the order of the night with the final act, Sheriff. Exhibiting the ‘bad boy blues’ of early AC/DC and giving it the musical equivalent of a good kick in the gonads while wearing steel capped boots, Sheriff revelled in their musically tight but wildly unpredictable approach to playing live. – Neil Evans (Tone “For want of a better metaphor, Sheriff are the difference between a meaty stew and a thin broth. Endearing and full of heart, they will leave you with the utmost sense of satisfaction. Unafraid to challenge the stereotype they have created something monstrous, challenging you to ever lose interest, or even try to look away. They’ll find you. They are Sheriff after all.” Esther Rivers (Inpress magazine) "Remember the good ol’ days in Melbourne where the music scene was less about the “scene” and more about the good music? Where a rock and roll punter was happy with a good glass of red wine or tap beer, and not simply the latest designer drink? Remember the days when it wasn’t seemingly uncool for people to basically lose their shit over a local pub act? Sheriff, along with their motley crew of support acts and a rocking crowd, brought back fond memories of the vintage rock scene, and (thankfully) proved that this side of the music scene hasn’t died completely." Tara Emily (Tone



31 Mar 2014


Catchy, bluesy, ...

Catchy, bluesy, and has awesome call and response vocals!

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30 Nov 2011


Sheriff is exact...

Sheriff is exactly the sort of band that should be getting air time. They are absolutely amazing

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Reviewed by JackCrane JackCrane

17 Nov 2011

Super Reviewer

Imagine being cu...

Imagine being curb stomped, thrown in a bin, piffed down a hill and smashed into a freezing river. This is pretty much what I felt like after listening to Sheriff. What You Want highlights Jimi's killer voice with some incredible and heavy guitar and drum work peaking mid way through the song. A throw back to solid rock this track is beautiful.

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