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Sounds like

Scar Symmetry, Textures, Devolved

band members

Nev Pearce - vocals Dan Ojeda - Guitar Rian Cavaye - Guitar Richard Bower - Bass Raymond Blank - Drums Jim Griffiths - live samples and keys


melodic, Math, Technical


Shifting The Paradigm embrace metal as art. They live for the blend of passion and technical ability, the pursuit of form, the art of heavy music. Shifting The Paradigm dont just walk in the footsteps of those that have come before, STP tip their cap to the legends who inspire them and forge their own path in the world of metal. With a fast, progressive sound, technical, melodic and aggressive STP are ripping up the scene with their intelligent and surprising work. Nev, Dan, Richie, Rian and Ray are Shifting The Paradigm by pushing themselves and their instruments to the limits, pushing aural boundaries and then tearing them down. Fancy lead work and all out shred mingle with the core well worked song structures to create music that shifts the mood of an entire venue. Shifting The Paradigm creates the kind of music that hits you in the chest and stays with you once the band have left the stage. Vibrant and brutal, guttural and melodic, Shifting The Paradigm pick you up then lay you flat out. The members of STP not only share a connection to music, But a love of creation and performance. This connection feeds through STP’s material (which they develop collaboratively) and bonds them to their ever growing fan-base as their tour schedule becomes more extensive. Shifting The Paradigm are out there practicing and taking their pursuit for brutal perfection to the world. 2012 is destined to be the bands break-through year starting with the opening support for Cavalera Conspiracy at the Hi Fi in Brisbane. Since signing to Everyday Formula they’ve expanded on the success of their 2011 single release Left to Burn and are pushing themselves not only to be one of the best live metal acts but also follow through with a full on, full speed studio album that reflects the passion and drive of its members due to arrive early in the year ahead. Bookings/label/management - Brad Weeks - OR