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band members

Cindy - sings, Ryan - guitar, Arvinda - Bass, Cian - drums


There’s a moment in time when things come together… Like when the lights are right and you hear the opening notes of your favourite song. Like when you get home to discover there’s still beer in the fridge. Like when that 1 random stranger makes a sublime comment that changes your whole perspective or like when you’re cooped up in a rehearsal studio with a hangover to kill 10 men, and that song just flows out. These are the moments that we notice. These are the times when time doesn’t matter. Do not be fooled though, nothing much happens unless you’re looking for it and with a desire for respect and a respect for the art ‘Shiver’ came together in one of these moments. Not a band to proclaim their originality or even attempt to explain which pigeons hole they fit into ‘Shiver’ would prefer that you side up to the bar, grab yourself a brew and form your own opinion. Either way, that moment is yours. . ,