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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

david bowie, muse, mr bungle, nirvana

band members

Scott Andrews, Michael Bayliss


throwing muses, slint, roxy music, talking heads

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Although sounding like Kraken's return, with many-tentacled melodies and bioelectric screams, Shock Octopus is actually the work of four sharp and faithful gentlemen from both Perth and Melbourne.
 Shock Octopus are no strangers to heady subject topics with much of their songs covering topics such as environmental destruction, society collapse, mental illness and spiritual transcendence.

Shock Octopus formed in 2010 as an alternative-rock four piece in Perth, Western Australia and has since been ompared to artists such as Talking Heads, Devo and Mr Bungle. In 2011, the group released their debut single ‘Safe Room’ and in 2012 released their first self titled EP that has since sold out its initial pressing to positive press attention and radio airplay. As well as building a solid live reputation in Perth, the band played Adelaide in 2012 and worked in their first full-length album ‘A Crisis’ and second single ‘Siren’ in Melbourne, 2014. The band now look forward to a tour across Southern Australia during July/August 2014 covering Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

‘Shock Octopus is a curious, admirably restless beast, filled with cranky, complex pop songs that pull shapes from all over the place (Mr. Bungle? Grandaddy? Muse?)’ – Addicted To Noise EP review
'Shock Octopus then took to the side-stage, complete with intense and forceful vocal melodies, effective guitar/synth harmonizing and more than a little medieval style subject matter'. – Darkwave review
"...Shock Octopus have never been interested in sounding like your matey next door neighbours. 'A Crisis', likewise, is operatic, overflowing with bright-eyed galactic/suburban prog enthusiasm. Fans of Canterbury rock who meanwhile hanker for grungey guitar and piano-ballad indulgence will welcome this nine-track’s slimy, suckered embrace." – Lyndon Blue, Cool Perth Nights.