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Indie, Metal, Rock

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Pixies, Daughter, Smashing Pumpkins, K.Flay

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Shontay Snow


Daughter, Bob Dylan

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Shontay has being playing live music for most her life. Sharing stages with many great Australian live acts, she released two folk EPs and a Music Video by the age of 19.

On top of her solo endeavours, Shontay also teamed up with Perth Heavy Metal Outfit, Saviour, featuring on their first two albums, 'Once We Were Lions' and 'First Light To My Death Bed.'

Shontay became an official member of Saviour in 2015 when she returned from her two year stint in Berlin. Her musical creativity shines through Saviours third Album, 'Let Me Leave.' and Saviours most fourth album 'A Lunar Rose,' released Feb 2020.

Shontay has been working on her own new sound, moving away from her folk pop style, being compared to 90s grunge bands such as 'The Smashing Pumpkins' and 'Pixies.' With a brand new single and Music video on the way for her track 'Bukowski, Shontay is one to watch.

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Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

30 Oct 2020

Triple J

cinematic grunge to get totally immersed in!

cinematic grunge to get totally immersed in!