Artist info


Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Washington, Katie Noonan, Joni Mitchell

band members

Sian Brown, Ben Gray, Simon Kelly


joni mitchell, ani defranco, Feist

Unearthed artists we like

Simon Kelly and The Big Bamboo, Stuart Orchard


with feet firmly on the ground, ethereal operatically trained singer songwriter Sian Brown writes tunes that have won her WAMi song of the year awards and national songwriting comps. Sian released an EP in 2014 at The Festival of Voice in Denmark and The Hidden Treasures festival in Fremantle. Having collaborated in the past with jazz hip hop, fusion groups such as; “Salamander”, “ARG” and also “Skadada” trapeze artists, she currently sings solo and with her three piece outfit; Sian Brown and The Stellar Collective. She has a swag of songwriting awards including WAMi Jazz song of the year in 2004, a WAMI nomination for her First album, Aurora Cat and the National Australian Songwriters Association Song writing contest. Her stunning vocal acrobatics and sweet soulful stylings place her catchy soulful songs directly into your heart. Gorgeous songs and an ethereal operatically trained voice, Fremantle singer songwriter Sian Brown is refreshment for the soul.