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Dance, Roots

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Sid Berry


Reuben stone, Tash Sultana, Fat Freddy's Drop



Sid creates music live before your eyes by the art of live looping. Heavily influenced by reggae, he brings a positive feel to every venue.
His music is gaining momentum as more and more people discover his live shows. Audiences make a real connection to his music that reaches deep because it has foundations in roots, reggae and dance.

Sid has played guitar since he was a kid but only in early 2016 did he start looping which he took to naturally and it opened a whole new world of creating music live. This newfound art of music making soon spilled out of his loungeroom and into the local open mics of Newcastle. From there Sid began to gig regularly and his loyal fan base has been growing steadily as his music is well received wherever he plays.

having just released his debut ep and wrapping up his first tour, Sid has big dreams in his sights. It wont be long before we see him on the lineup of our favourite festivals and supporting our favourite bands!