Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Michael Jackson, Akon, RHIANNA

band members

Nelson - Vocals, Mathew - Guitar, Chris - Guitar, Adrian - Bass, Nekic - Drums


Oceano, Whitechapel, Rose Funeral


We are Silence The End, a four piece metal band from Western Sydney. Writing and performing for the passion and love for original music. Not stuck on one genre and playing the heaviest, most electrifying music possible. Formed in August 2008, Silence The End have played many shows around the Sydney area and are further developing as musicians and live performers.We have recently recorded a 3 song demo, with our mate from A Day in Denver. This CD includes 3 of our current tracks Social Parasite re-recorded, Condemn The Oppressor re-recorded and Seed Of Humanity. We will be handing this out at shows and making it available online for download:) If you are interested in the tracks i will also send them personally just MSG the band Myspace @ and we will work something out:)