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Sounds like

Silverchair, Nirvana, Days Of The New

band members

Jan Nicholas Blom - vocals/guitar Dylan Brann - keys/guitars Jared Day - bass Kurt Winter - drums


Silverchair, Thrice, Deftones, Chevelle


This hard working, hard hitting, alternative rock band from the Gold Coast of Australia, are anything but quiet.

An abrasive, heavy sounding acoustic guitar screams in perfect harmony with the melodic swirls of the electric guitar, perfectly timed keyboards enter and exit each track, adding yet another dynamic, all the while, a pummelling rhythm section holds the chaos together like the professional musicians they are.

Having toured relentlessly over the last 18 months, the band played some of the country’s most iconic venues and shared the stage with some of Australia’s best talent. The Silencio are intent on making their name known.

Formed out of a solo project that singer/songwriter, Jan Nicholas Blom, began in his teenage years, it wasn’t until 2014 that The Silencio transformed into a full band. With the addition of Kurt Winter (Drums, Vocals), Dylan Brann (Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals) and Jared Day (Bass, Vocals), the group quickly began turning Jan Nicholas’ acoustic, ballad style tracks, into thundering and powerful anthems. Late 2014 saw the band release their debut double E.P ‘Upside Down’. With duelling acoustic guitars, soft ballads, huge choruses and melodic hooks, it was the perfect showcase of a young band honing their craft. The track ‘Chasing The Same Old Ghosts’ was released with a video online and quickly became a crowd favourite at shows.

Emerging from a writing hiatus in mid 2017, The Silencio released their debut album ‘Anathema’. This was a gigantic leap forward in recording and more importantly, song writing quality. The band had spent most of 2016 creating and perfecting their own style of Alt Rock and ‘Anathema’ was the fruits of their labour. The album is filled with soaring choruses that only Jan Nicholas can deliver vocally, along with their signature rhythmic sound that pulses through the album flawlessly.

Songs such as ‘Lift Your Spirits’ and ‘Been There All Along’ are fuelled by massive choruses, accentuated with gang vocals and backed by what is almost primal rhythm and percussion, thus giving their fans an uplifting experience during the listening process.The Silencio also display their quieter side with ease as well. With tracks like the aptly titled ‘Anathema,' fans can be taken on a deep and melodic journey, where one gets lost in the accomplished story telling.

The band released 4 singles from ‘Anathema’ over a 12-month period and toured nationally 3 times, while playing a few small festivals along the way. The Silencio have plans of releasing new music in 2019 and once again hitting the road to continue to build their ever growing fanbase.