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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Who Knows?The Beatles sometimes?

band members

Nick Gallagher - Lead Guitar Kim Jones - Bass Guitar Belinda-Lee - Vocals+ Guitar, Harley Burke - Drums


The Beatles, Dirty Power Pop, Warhol's Factory


A brand spanking new band with Belinda-Lee on Vocals and rhythm guitar, Harley Burke on drums, Nick Gallagher on lead guitar and Kim Jones on bass.A sound rich with massive hooks, vocal harmony, sparkling guitar and rhythmic supremacy and maybe,just maybe a touch of the grit and glamour of Warhol's Factory.


Reviewed by LeSombre LeSombre

08 Mar 2007


Extremely well p...

Extremely well produced. Great vocals. You know what... You guys seriously are good. Theres a nice Harmony through the whole song... and is enlightened with the guitar...

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jumbo giant

31 Dec 2006


a great track.i ...

a great track.i checked out the preytells while I was here and you two should get together for some beatles inspired!

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andy kebab

29 Nov 2006


this band is goi...

this band is going places, they are the best new act i've heard for a while. great riffs, with cool melodies and a singer with a great vocal range. they've managed to combine rock and pop really well, keep an eye on these guys.

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