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Electronic, Hip Hop

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Just me.


Nas, Andre 3000, Slug, Pusha T, Die Antwoord

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Kruger James, Slumberjack


“You can take the rapper out of Scotland, but you can’t take Scotland out of the rapper…” - William Wallace

Leftfield rap brain Silvertongue has been trailblazing the boardwalks of hip hop music ever since he sacked off school, stuck on an instrumental and put pen to paper. Renowned for his dextrous freestyling skills and vivid lyrical content, he rose through the ranks of the Scottish hip hop scene by playing a fuck tonne of live shows, supporting a number of international acts, killing off the cypher at each and every event and releasing a series of acclaimed projects that swiftly cemented his place amongst the ranks of the Scottish hip hop hierarchy.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Silvertongue’s latest long haul adventure saw him relocate to the mystical land of Australia (Perth to be precise), not just to re-up on his tan, but more to open up his music to an entirely new scene. When the sun is out, the music is loud and the vibe is strong then you can be guaranteed that Silvertongue will be there, full throttle, head nodding, asking for the mic at any given opportunity.

Having turned his attention to a more electronically driven brand of hip hop music, Silvertongue is gearing up for his new release by plunging head first into the more experimental side of songwriting. Having contributed vocals on a number of tracks for acclaimed producers ‘Slumberjack’ and with a new lead single produced by the same team set for release in the near future, it is fair to say that the future is bright for the man with the silver tongue.

Hip hop ain’t dead, it just refuses to stand still. Ever morphing, growing and shifting in shape, one thing is clear; Silvertongue will be at the very forefront of its evolution.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

01 Apr 2015

Triple J

Can't knock this hustle.

Can't knock this hustle.