Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Fat Freddies Drop, Sticky Fingers, Father John Misty , Tame Impala

band members

Simon Kelly, Gavin Arnold, Shannon Puig, Ben Gray,


Tom Robins , Nicky Bomba, The Mighty Boosh



Simon Kelly and The Big Bamboo sound like what would happen if Paul Simon recorded Graceland in Jamacia. If King Tubby remixed Chris Isaak. Like the Grateful Dead on ecstacy. Like wearing 3d glasses with your eyes closed. Like perfume evaporating off a duck flying backwards. Like a hot flannel coming at ya. Like a pirate waltz in a Victorian ballroom. Or like nothing at all.
Simon is a veteran of the Perth music scene, his first band Wasted Youth toured the country with skate punks Suicidal Tendencies, played the Big Day Out and released an album before even graduating high school. When Wasted Youth disbanded Simon toured Australia and The Torres Straight Islands in a circus, completed an Arts degree and moved to his family’s farm in the South West where he recorded his first solo album in his home studio. The album received enough positive attention to convince Simon to move back to Perth where he has since recorded another 5 albums and taken his music to some of the biggest festivals in Australia and the world.