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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

neil young, nick cave

band members

simon london - vocals, guitar, harmonica


tom petty, bruce springsteen

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Ramble and the Sleepers


folks who should know have described simon's main project - his rock outfit Simon London + the Spirits - as a 'crazy-horse' inspired many-faced beast of a kick arse rock band. if that's true, then the neil young analogy could probably be extended to his solo stuff, which can be as bluesy or folky as it can be dark country or whatever the hell else you want to call it. ultimately, it's a guy with a guitar singing first class songs with an incredible voice that's like nothing else you've heard. with a career that runs back to the mid '90s and includes no shortage of troubadour tours to the US and Europe as well as west to east coast shows including supports for folks like the Waifs, London has kind of earned his stripes so to speak. when he's not too busy with the Spirits, simon will invariably do some solo shows or amble in to a local studio and put some new ideas down. his first album - Soul-scars and Greenbacks - was recorded in the US and was described as an 'angry brute of an album' by Polly Coufos from XPRESS magazine. Not angry as in Sex Pistols angry but some other kind of angry all together. since then London has released 'Glorifications' - a lush-sounding effort recorded in his home studio and then 'Saturday Night Live', a live solo recording that he released more recently. when things with his band quieten down a little more, London will probably release his next solo album some time soon.