Artist info


Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Paradise Salvage Co., The Real McKenzies, The Dubliners, The Stone Roses

band members

Marto - lead guitar, vocals Jacko - rhythm guitar



Two dudes found themselves lost at sea, and in exchange for their lives, made a promise to the Sea Gods they would form the most epic folk-rock duo ever witnessed by man if they made it back on dry land.

After weeks of starvation and insanity, surviving only on yellow fin tuna and rain, the boys eventually drifted into the calmer waters of Moreton Bay.

As they drew ever-closer to the Australian continent, they became encircled by tiger sharks, so, unsure of what to do, they punched them in the head and swam for land.

One washed up on the Redcliffe peninsula, while the other happened upon the shores of Nudgee beach.

Years passed... after pondering these events individually for some time, the two one day ran into each other at a Paradise Salvage Co. gig, and both agreed they must fulfil their promise to the Sea Gods.

And so the legend of Sinkin' Schooners was born...