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Rock, Indie

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My Morning Jacket, Something For Kate, Big Heavy Stuff

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Grant McCulloch Mark McEwen Brody Simpson Justin Story Management/bookings -


Paul kelly, elbow, Cold Chisel


There hasn’t been an Australian band like The Siren Tower in quite some time. That is, a band distinctly and unmistakably Australian. The country and culture that The Siren Tower celebrates in story and song has both dignity and conscience in tact. It is an Australia of Indigenous, convict and immigrant history alike, because that is the truth of things, and the truth always makes for a better story. Members: Grant McCulloch Mark McEwen Brody Simpson Justin Story Visit: www.thesirentower.bandcamp Contact: Media enquiries: Bookings: Reviews for The Siren Tower's debut album - A History Of Houses "THE wonderfully rich, broad artistic vision of Wangaratta’s Grant McCulloch is captured brilliantly on The Siren Tower’s debut album, A History Of Houses... the trio have forged one of the most compelling, distinctly Australian albums in years." – Martin Boulton, The Age. (Entertainment Guide pick of the week) “A History Of Houses is superb… a completely endearing album of genuinely world-class quality, one that paints a palpable, tangible mood and aesthetic in a way that only superbly written albums can.” – Luke Butcher, Drum Media (Album of the Week.) “This record exceeds all expectations, and is truly one of the best from any Australian band this year - add it to your collection, now.” – Chloe Papas, X-Press Magazine (five stars.) “With grunt, guts and gravitas, and driven by a heavy acoustic feel, it’s hands down the most quintessential Aussie record we’ve heard since the golden eras of Cold Chisel or Paul Kelly. We shit you not – musically; it stands toe-to-toe with Oz rock’s greats… Best new band? No f**kin question! We need more stars; this is a straight-up classic.” – Nick Snelling, Zoo Weekly (five stars.) "As the best albums of 2012 lists start to be compiled, A History Of Houses by Perth's The Siren Tower is making its presence felt." – Christie Eliezer, Beat Magazine. “‘A History Of Houses’ is worth buying just for the book alone, it making a wonderful statement in your music collection. But when married with material of such a high quality, delivered by a high quality quintet, one knows that this is indeed one of those occasions when the music gods have lined up to deliver to us mere mortals a collection of import. Seek it out and be truly rewarded.” – Mark Liebelt, DB MAG “From the beautifully-bound, hard cover book the CD comes in and the strong visual nature of the lyrical content to the sheer magnificence of lead singer Grant McCulloch’s voice, A History of Houses is a triumph in home grown musical artistry… a masterpiece in storytelling.” – Jackie Coffin, SW Times


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

28 Jun 2011

Triple J

This has been a ...

This has been a real slow-burner for me, but this is really growing on me. Caz is right: it packs a punch.

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Reviewed by Caz Tran Caz Tran

10 Jun 2011

Triple J

A song which pac...

A song which packs a solid punch with sincere and impassioned lyrics, this is a band with much to say and no doubt they will make themselves heard.

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Crockett :D

29 Mar 2014


Love this song!!...

Love this song!!! 5 stars!!! :D

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