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Sounds like

U2, Powderfinger, something for kate

band members

Aaron Matrljan - Vocals, Will Teague - Guitar, Peter Hinitt - Bass, Ben Coventry - Drums




Six Pocket Theory, The Pocket, SPT, call us what you will, so long as you call us. We're a four piece rock band from the North of Sydney who've been playing for the masses for several years. We play an eclectic mix of hard and soft rock laced with metal, blues and funk inspired riffage. Our broad range of influences spanning all musical genres ensures that Six Pocket Theory's music is never dull. We believe that music is an integral part of life and try to mirror our own experiences and attitudes through our songs. It has been said that you haven't heard Six Pocket Theory until you've heard them live. It is in our live shows that we come the fore, focusing on giving our audience an experience that they'll never forget. Our commitment to upholding our own high standards means that we have gained a reputation as one of the more consistently exciting live bands on the Sydney scene.