Artist info


Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Blink 182, Bowling for soup, bikini Kill

band members

Bianca Hendy - Vocals - Rhythm Guitar Michael Collins - Lead Guitar - Backup Vocals Ivan Heenan - Bass Malcolm Ferguson - Drums


Blink 182, Bikini Kill, The Cure, Bowling for soup, Killing Heidi



From humble beginnings in a lounge room in Mount Gambier, South Australia in 2015 four mates got together and became ‘The Skategoats’. Bianca, Michael, Ivan and Malcolm are ready to belly flop into the pop-punk pool and soak listeners with frantic and fun music. This emerging band is sure to impress you with their love for dad jokes, thought provoking lyrics and crotch provoking music. ‘The Skategoats’ are ready to stage dive into the hearts and minds of the people.

P.S: Don’t tell our mums we’re in a punk band.