Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

muse, The Doors, Echo and the bunnymen

band members

Dave Wells - Lead guitar and vocals, Kasper Kiely - Bass, Brett Kiely - Drums


The Who, Unkle, sparkadia


Dark brushstrokes mixed with sharp melodic lines - a sprawling canvas of brooding bass and dynamic drums. This is the art of Sketching Cato. From the suburbs of the Hunter Valley arrive four men who aren't afraid of dirt on their hands and hearts on their sleeves. Sincere craftsmanship for rock purists. 2009 sees the release of Sketching Cato's new, self-titled EP, a collection of smouldering indie-rock songs that pulsate through spacious production and penetrating guitar work. The lead single 'Changes', is an explosive number that tells its listener to maintain hope in the face of adversity. It's quickly gaining attention. Sketching Cato’s first attempt at recording songs came in the form of their debut EP called “Something Real”. This bundle of songs represented the group’s frustrations in their small town environment and their views towards politics and war. It is not a political release but the underlying themes to the songs are politically driven. While 'Changes' may be aimed directly at the individual, like the other songs on the EP, it also takes a much wider view, observing the current path that our country is travelling. Their lyrics have the specific view point of four boys from the rural suburbs of Maitland, an area where things are rarely handed out on a silver platter. Sketching Cato's music is inspired by the energy and sexiness of 80s music - frayed edges tinged with glamour. Drawing on the sounds of modern bands like The Killers, as well as the beautiful chaos of groups like The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen and even The Doors, Sketching Cato are indeed multi-layered artists. "We wanted a big live sound on this recording," says singer and guitarist Dave Wells. "Raw, roomy, spontaneous drums, warm, driven and round melodic bass lines and intense, rhythmic guitars. But we also worked hard to control these features and add some depth, harmony, colour and presence." Another sure-fire song from the EP is 'Loaded Gun' - a brash ball-tearer that shoots straight from the hip. "Metaphorically this song is about reading all the right and wrong signals from the opposite sex - especially when lust, love and attraction is involved. In the case of this song, the individual was rubbed the wrong way…" reveals Wells. The new release is rounded out by 'Look Around', an example of Sketching Cato's innate ability to pen resoundingly inspirational songs. Vocals rise and fall over a wall of drums, ultimately lifting the listener with every chorus. It's a ballad that maintains an Australian quality - think The Church, Bluebottle Kiss or The Triffids - and proves there are many colours on Sketching Cato's pallette. "'Look Around' is about holding on to fear, trouble and the past, when you should be trying to move on," says Wells, simply. An engaging live band, who have performed at venues as big as Newcastle's Civic Theatre, as well as numerous trips around the East Coast's live music circuit, Sketching Cato intend for you to hear the fruits of their labour.