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Punk, Rock

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Members Rickards - vocals/guitar Anna - drums/vocals


Massappeal, Hard-ons


skinpin are a rhythm driven, noisy guitar, very fast punk band from Sydney.
They've recorded their 2nd album "So Turn It Back On" which will be released on the 5/6/15. With Wade Kieghren behind the desk at Linear studios. Delivering 15 blistering tracks with that familiar skinpin sound of melody and aggression. With everything increased a little bit more than last time (Shifting Sands) and culminating in the nine and a half minute groove jam to close the album.
Their mission statement remains the same: Have Band, Will Travel.
skinpin remain - by choice - on the never ending journey to write good songs and play as many shows as they can. However they will not sell pre-sell tickets and/or play in any so-called band competitions. This is not fashion! This is not sport! This is Music!