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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

radiohead, karnivool, Smashing Pumpkins

band members

Leigh Davies - lead vocals/guitar, Dan Teng - drums, backing vocals, samples, Red Black - guitar, backing vocals, keys, Mitch Finglas - guitar, backing vocals, keys, percussion.


radiohead, pink floyd



INSIDE/OUT The new album from Sleep Parade Ever since their critically-lauded 2008 debut, Things Can Always Change, Melbourne rock act Sleep Parade have journeyed extensively throughout Australia as hand-picked main support for the likes of Karnivool, Cog, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect and Porcupine Tree, as well headlining their own hefty regimen of feverish, magnetic live performances on the back of songs like Carry On and Passenger, which enjoyed extensive airplay on both Triple J and Channel V. Now, after hunkering down at Sing Sing Studios with acclaimed ARIA-nominated producer Forrester Savell once again at the helm, Sleep Parade return for their epic second opus, INSIDE/OUT… and it is nothing short of a tour de force. From the epic rifforama of opener Devil’s Door, blissed-out rock brawn of Oxygen and 2.09, soaring pop splendour of Footsteps, acoustic ramble of The River, through the Stratocastic chops and sanguine leadlines of their startling first single, Dancing With The Enemy, one thing is clear: Sleep Parade have not only stepped up but the band are now a completely different beast. Gone are the sprawling prog influences of their first record: instead, revamped and revitalised, Sleep Parade have now matured into a sophisticated, harmony-heavy rock band whose multi-layered songs have been painstakingly crafted. Frontman Leigh Davies explains. “It’s really the product of our sound naturally evolving. None of us really listen to the heavy prog stuff anymore. As you get older and change, so do your musical tastes and your melting pot of influences. These days, I am listening to nothing but hip-hop, jazz and electronic music, and it’s definitely had a bearing on the ideas I bought to the recording process.” If there is one constant that remains it is Davies’ powerfully versatile voice. Wielding it with even more dynamic prowess and range, his compelling melodies are augmented by rich harmonies and a kind of cracked vulnerability. Moreover, you can tell he’s feeling every line he sings, and with reason – for Davies, this new album is intensely personal. “The last album, Things Can Always Change, focused on my father's mental illness. This one, however, is about spiritual change and the realisation that I am not a shadow forever dictated by the path that my father paved for me. I am, and everyone is, essentially their own teacher and master, capable of breaking through the shackles and letting go of the baggage that we are forced to carry from a very young age with no choice. So this album is a journey through the inner change to the external change, one that slowly releases and unfurls as the album progresses.” And the title? “Well, INSIDE/OUT refers to society, as a whole, having it the wrong way around – too much emphasis on the external and material, and less emphasis on the internal, which is the true home of compassion and love,” says Davis, gently. “We’ve got it all inside/out. It’s time to change that… and all change starts with the individual and the internal.” Indeed. INSIDE/OUT is a powerful sonically beautiful statement by a band who have hit their stride and then some. This brilliant new album won’t just put Sleep Parade on the map, it’ll redraw the goddamn borders. INSIDE/OUT is a total trip. Time to take it…