Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Magic Dirt, Smudge, Ratcat, the go betweens, Teenage Fanclub

band members

Martin - Guitar and Vocals Sarah - Bass and Vocals Cook- Drums


Hole, Magnetic Fields, You am I, The Breeders


It’s Friday night. You’re sprawled out on the couch in a faded Teenage Fanclub shirt, smoking a roll-up cigarette and waiting for something decent to come on the television. This is Sleepy. The 90’s slacker dream in full fruition. Infectious, melodic, fuzzy, sweet and ah, dreamy (which, of course, goes without saying). Combined with the ability to craft immaculate pop songs, this is some seriously beautiful music. Sleepy’s Sydney home base is no stranger to this sound. Evan Dando pinched some of his best songs from there (See: Smudge, who Sleepy have been handpicked to support on occasion) and you can find it within its suburbs, in a dingy pub on a Sunday night, over watered down beer and cheap pizza.