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Sounds like

Duran Duran, Maroon 5, The Killers

band members

Adam Spicer (Vocals & Piano) Michael Pace (Guitars & Vocals) Vince Iannotti (Drums)


Metal, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical

Unearthed artists we like

My Lasting Reply, The Indigo Children, HARTS



Slightly Left of Centre (SLC) is a three piece pop/rock band residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Their 80’s & 90’s inspired electronic infused sound is exactly what the guys had in mind when the band was formed by close friends Vince and Mick in late 2010.

Living up to their name sake has always been the key to their growing success and is something they strive to deliver song after song.

Since the bands formation, the guys have been working hard in their own purpose built studios; SLC produces, engineers, records and mixes their music to keep their unique and signature sound alive so that fans will always distinguish an SLC song amongst their iTunes playlist.

‘The Right Direction’, the band’s debut album was released in early 2012 to a hugely popular and eager welcome due to its continued internet promotion and of course it’s free download. Fans from all over the world have welcomed the album with open arms and continue to show their appreciation and support through the bands many social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and MySpace. Fans follow SLC around their home town and support their live performances
at venues that even the most established bands have performed at.

With the groups second album in the works and current release ‘Call Me For The Weekend’ out in late May, SLC are showcasing some of their most diverse and structured material live and to select commercial media as part of their promotional tour running through June 2014.

SLC are truly a people’s band, willing to go all out for fans and do the best by them by providing incredible tunes and a professional, friendly and approachable attitude to them all. If you’re in the mood for something a little different from the norm, check out SLC either through their live shows around the country or download your own copy of their free album from the many internet music and social media sites.


Review by Vader Fame Vader Fame

03 Feb 2016


Such a punchy tune!!!

Such a punchy tune!!!