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Rock, Pop

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Nick- Guitar/Vox, Matt- Drums, Andrew- Bass, Ian - Sax, Tristan- Lap top/guit/vo


Weird Al Yankovic, Frank Zappa, Regurgitator


SLIMEY THINGS are Australia's most amazing sci-fi rock band. They are humanoid. Their sound is a unique blend of catchy pop, futuristic rock, 50s Sci-Fi movie soundtracks, and cartoon sound effects. SLIMEY THINGS were first sighted in Sydney's underground music scene in the year 2001 AD. Since then, this sextet of pseudo-pop psychos have developed a reputation for astounding audiences with their madcap, energetic live performances and death-defying toast-making abilities! With national and international radio airplay, videos on ABC Australia's RAGE, and their new QUANTUM REALITY TV album now available, it's only a matter of time before the catchy rhythms of SLIMEY THINGS cannot be contained and breach Earth's puny defenses! UPCOMING SHOWS: Nov 20th @ The Stag (Sydney) Nov 24th @ The Globe (Brisbane) Dec 4th @ Revolver (Melbourne)