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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Soul infused synth rock with psychedlic overtones


Tame Impala, SZA, Arctic Monkeys, D'angelo, Talking Heads, Bowie, Prince

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Milan Ring, Godriguez, 30/70, Hauskey


After a busy 2019 playing solo shows throughout Europe and supporting Aussie legends 1927 in Australia, Slinky is back with his best work yet, with more to come throughout 2020.

Inspired by his own experiences with mental health, singer/songwriter/producer Slinky dives into deep ideas and darker sounds with new single “Crazy”.

Recorded and produced in his bedroom in Sydney, Australia and released on his own record label Slinky Sounds, “Crazy" explores themes of anxiety, depression and alienation in modern society. Slinky’s insight and wordplay used in the lyrics “nihilist fortress, paranoia portrait” and “rainbow acid rain pouring out my brain” showcase his individuality as a writer. Combined with his earworm melodies, Slinky creates depth in the often shallow format of pop songs.

“Mental health is an important subject matter,” says Slinky. "It can be extremely hard to communicate with others when you’re dealing with mental health problems. I felt that writing a song conveying what I've experienced may help people who have been through something similar. The song carries a positive message - you’re never alone when dealing with mental health issues because they’re universal.”

Slinky’s voice moves from silky smooth to emotionally gritty as soaring synths, R&B grooves and psychedelic guitars create an extraordinary soundscape; a mash-up he confidently owns. Mixed by Jackson Barclay (Vera Blue, Timberwolf) “Crazy” is a soul infused synth rock banger with psychedelic overtones, taking influences from Tame Impala, SZA, Arctic Monkeys and D'Angelo, as well as Bowie and Prince for good measure.