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Sounds like

Dinosaur Jr, Faraquet, Smashing Pumpkins

band members

James Hilan - Vox, Guitar Jacob Dawood - Drums Shannon Kelly - Bass


Faraquet, Unwound, sonic youth

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SLOW RIOTS have cemented their status as one of Queensland’s premium alternative bands. A complex yet danceable mix of math-rock riffs and solid songwriting has set them well apart from other acts on the scene. They have been praised for an airtight and “very human” live set, leading to supports with bands like Lightning Bolt (USA), X (SYD), Grong Grong (SA) & KUNST (ex-Helmet). 2011 saw the release of their debut, the Bored EP. A limited edition single, Paddy’s Place, was released in 2012, and features on the Devils Kitchen compilation via Sydney label Art As Catharsis. The band’s new 4-track EP Red Bridge was released on November 22, 2013 through Bandcamp []. SLOW RIOTS' music is at once thunderous, atmospheric, heavy and focused; sure signs of an accomplished rock band with clear musical intentions. If you can't tell from the'd better come to a show.