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Hip Hop

Sounds like

Drapht, Bliss N' Eso, Pez

band members

Smiles Again (One half of Mind Over Matter)


Rise, Redman, Eminem


Mind Over Matter presents... Smiles Again ‘How Bout You Stop Being So Serious & Say Something Funny’ After two mixtapes and two critically acclaimed albums with Mind Over Matter the debut solo offering from Smiles Again has landed in the form of his new EP 'How About You Stop Being So Serious & Say Something Funny'. One half of Sydney based hip hop duo Mind Over Matter, Smiles, 23, has played shows alongside Willow for the past 5 years. Together the boys have sold out shows nationally and toured extensively as both a headline and major support for artists such as Bliss n Eso, Method Man & Redman, Drapht just to name a few. Solo, Smiles expresses a very different side of himself lyrically. The 9 track effort will shock most first time listeners as it’s like nothing ever done before within its genre. The EP is littered with sharp, comedic, satirical lyrics where in each song Smiles seems to take on a persona completely different to his own, taking that persona to the extreme in every instance. “Morally I’m pretty much the opposite of every concept within this EP, hopefully listeners don’t actually think I’m an arrogant psycho nutcase asshole who snapped it after getting bullied at school”. With production from DJ Ilz, Drakezilla, Konfuzion, Jon Reichardt plus more and feature verses from Drakezilla on "Asshole" and one of Smiles's all time favourite rappers Rise (US) on "A Real Rap Song", this is one tidy product. Smiles says “The project came about for two reasons; the 1st to maintain momentum in the downtime between Mind Over Matter’s next release and the 2nd, to express a side of me lyrically that doesn’t exactly suit the direction of music made by Mind Over Matter”. After digging through over 5000 beats for Mind Over Matter’s 2nd album Just Like Fireworks Smiles Again had more than enough beats to construct the EP. The EP will be available from the 30th September on iTunes and Smiles plans to release a follow up 2nd EP shortly after titled ‘How Bout You Stop Being So Funny & Say Something Serious’.