Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

radiohead, elliot smith, The Shins

band members

Sean Mullins - vocals/guitar, Benjamin Espinoza - drums, Edmond Linossi - bass , Phil Kim - Keys / Guitar

Unearthed artists we like

All The Colours, Tiny Little Houses, Ali Barter


Think something not quite like The Shins discussing a post break-up with Elliot Smith while having coffee with Radiohead. Then forget that and find yourself amongst the music of Smiles.Rifles. Originally a solo venture for songwriter Sean Mullins, Smiles.Rifles has slowly evolved into a full band, drawn together by a blazing infatuation for Toto's 'IV'. The unholy union of minds that make up Smiles.Rifles now feels as blessed as the rains down in Africa. In the wise words of Jón Þór Birgisson: “Sæglópur, á lífi kominn heim”