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Rock, Roots

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Mike Smith - Keyboards, Vocals, Didj, Melodica, Kazoo, Sampling, Arranging...Gully - Guitar, Vocals, Programming


Primus, RHCP, The Herd, Yothu Yindi, Moby, The Streets, John Butler, Kaiser Chiefs, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton



We are Gully and Mike from Smith and Chips, Our musical style is a mixture of hip hop, Dance , electronic, rock and roots. We have been making music for the last two and a half years in a small studio in Byron Bay Hinterland. Mike is a totally Blind musician who aspires to be Australia's next favourite Musician. Gully is Mikes music mentor and assists Mike to create interesting and fun sounds to record and mix together. MIKE SMITH BIO Hello this is Mike Smith, I am a totally blind musician from Lennox Head, Northern Rivers. I have been playing music for 25 years an I have just turned 26 on the 19th of October. It all started when I was really little and I first started music at preschool, which meant singing songs with other kids. A few years later I went to St Lucy's, which is a school for the blind. There I learned about what key certain pieces of music were in. It also started when I used to own music on tape and I used to memorise songs 'off by heart' including what was on the radio. The main musical instrument I play is the keyboard and piano, but I also play percussion, didgeridoo and melodica. I find those instruments easy to play because of dyspraxia and can not manage others. My main genre of music is heavy metal, but when I was little I also remeber memorising songs off the radio and also remember what song it was and the band or artist who played it. That was when I got introduced to mum and dad's music. My favourite band was Metallica, but since then I have now broadened my taste a bit better. When I was 16 I used to go to Mount Austin high school in Wagga Wagga, where I wanted to concentrate on jamming with other musicians. Gully is my music teacher out at Dunoon, but when I first started creating music I was doing it at Bangalow. I have been creating music for four and a half years and have put together a whole bunch of CD's. I am now on a website which is I am also now up on youtube (just search "SmithAndChips")