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Pop, Indie

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TABERNACLE CHOIR, The Goodies, Powderfinger

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The Beach Boys, Silverchair, muddy waters

Unearthed artists we like

Box Rockets, Emerald, Gypsy and the Cat, VEGAN RIFLE CLUB



Born at a very early age to vertically challenged parents, these identical twins from different Mothers, spent their childhood in a traveling Circus. Many of the other midgets thought the Boys would eventually grow out of their mutual interest in Home-Dentistry and follow their parents footsteps into the family business. "Its not that we looked down on our parents business, its just we felt ourselves growing in a different direction" In short the Dentistry thing flopped! Finacially destitute and living in the 'Botanical gardens', Fernado and Lupi decided to write and record song about their life so far " Its a four minute song, but we only had enough money for half" (which is self-evident in the rather abrupt ending 3 bars into the third chorus ) 'BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME' is their first cotribution and philosophy of life!!! The 'SKYHOOKS' wanabe song was penned after a chance meeting in the local lock-up between the tribute band 'The Slyhooks'( in for plagiarism ) and Fernando & Lupi Smog during an investigation into Fernandos' missing wife, Furjina 'What a lovely day' Smog. You can now see 'The Smog Brothers' u-tube video titled 'WARPLANE' where the boys get shot at by a missile......shame it missed!!!