Artist info



Sounds like

Harts, Kingswood, Anderson Paak.

band members

Cormac Grant - Vocals, Guitar Healey Olsen - Drums, Backing Vocals Manuel Rohrl - Bass, Backing Vocals


Anderson Paak., D'Angelo, Miles Davis, U2, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Animals as Leaders, Northlane, The Story So Far, Moonchild

Unearthed artists we like

dave., Mel Blue, SHRIMP, OILBARON, diplazar, The Fighting Fish



Playing grooves to get you moving and singing melodies to shed a tear too, Smoke & Rain plays music for the body and the soul. With a singular goal, auditory pleasure, the band takes the audience on a journey through the rhythmic drive of funk and the sensual introspection of R&B