Artist info



Sounds like

The Black Keys, Hendrix, cream

band members

Alex Stuart - Vocals Ben Knight - Guitar Tom Knight - Bass Sam Cooper - Drums


Led Zepplin, ACDC, buddy guy



What can be said about Smokestack?
We play rock music to groups of people, this 'live music' is just one of the things Smokestack likes to do. Sometimes we go into a 'studio' and play our music into microphones, this produces 'recordings' that can be enjoyed by listeners in the bath or whilst walking/driving.

We have been playing in Hobart for a few years now and have played with the likes of Kingswood and King of the North, to name just two bands with King in the name. We are widely influenced and a hell of a lot of fun.

Smokestacks main aim is to get people dancing,
'... I danced like crazy' - Daniel Beard (Beardy Mens Magazine)
'...when Smokestack don't play my requests, I abuse them' - Ben Morrisby (K-mag)
' blocked as spam' - Bob Hawke (Former Prime Minister, adulterer)

So give us listen!