Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Gnarls Barkley, Dizee Rascal

band members

Sean Ray - MC


chemical brothers, Tokyo Police Club, MF Doom


In the outer planetary underground of tomorrows yesterday, the Alien-Nation is preparing to go to war with the powers that be to decide who will control the sound of the universe. No longer content to exist on obscure planets the Alien-Nation found a voice of true freshness to rally behind in an unlikely hero, a human they call Snob Scrilla and a group of producers known only as the Blueberry Think Tank. Incorporating the cutting edge grunge of indie rock, the rhymes of conscious hip-hop, and synths reminiscent of the 80’s, Snob Scrilla and the Blueberry Think Tank have broken all the rules enforced by the power for so long, creating a completely new sound. Having traveled to the far reaches of the universe gathering the essence of the dopest MC, the knowledge of the paramount drum, and the most advanced synth technology, all that remains is the final element of the Alien-Nation’s plan-a powerful alliance from within the power, who will be willing to help Snob Scrilla and the Blueberry Think Tank reclaim the attention of the youth and redefine the sound of music.


Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

03 Feb 2008

Triple J

Bold, brazen, lo...

Bold, brazen, lot of NERD and Gnarls in here. I want more...

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23 Feb 2009


sounds great, bi...

sounds great, bit like N*E*R*D i reckon. it sounds kinda american, but theres nothing wrong with that. another great track is houston, it was a itunes free single of the week. check it

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06 Jan 2009


This band is cra...

This band is crazy great! as per their decription, sounds like gnarls, dizzee, but and so much more live! you must see them live, think 30% the electronic side of Block Party 30% gnarls, 40% dub war.... also like bully rag, ragga death, finally we have something fresh, and not totally derivative, up and just a great live act!!! see them live!

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