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Spicy Rhythms & Cooked Upbeats

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Paulo Almeida-Vocals,Deline Briscoe-BV Guitar,Colin Badger-Lead Guitar,Ann Metry-Bass,Jeremy Bennett-Keys,Zeca-Percussion,Mark Grunden-Drums


Manu Chao, Toots & Maytals, Bob Marley



SOL NATION is the product of Melbourne's communal musical scene - at its heart lies the reggae experience of Paulo Almeida (The Dili Allstars), the rock charisma of Colin Badger (Painters and Dockers), and the fiery ardor of Indigenous songstress Deline Briscoe (The Black Arm Band).

INFECTIOUS rhythm, worldly lyrics and impassioned musicianship are just the beginning for any Sol Nation performance. From Dili to Cairns, Lisbon to Rio, Sol Nation draws upon a wealth of international musical culture to bring you a melting pot of Reggae, Samba, Funk, Salsa, East Timorese folk and African dance music.

East Timorese vocalist Almeida is the voice of Sol Nation, soaring and weaving through the music in a mixture of English, Portuguese and Tetum, a product of his life experience living in several different countries during his homeland's occupation by Indonesia. "The band is more than the sum of its parts, though," says Almeida. "It's about having a good time, having a dance, and enjoying the global mixture of music that we've found here in Melbourne."

The band has toured the country, from outback Australia dancing up a storm in Arnhem Land at Garma Festival to the slink of the inner city of old Melbourne town in Brunswick. Sol Nation have rocked the foundations of banality with a contagious beat and jumped on the festival train, playing at Australia’s most loved festivals Woodford Folk Fest, St Kilda Fest, AWME (Australasian World Music Expo), Canberra National Multicultural Festival, Reggaetown (Cairns),Wallaby Creek Fest,Port Fairy Folk Fest,White Night Melbourne,Moomba and Victoria Festival….Not forgetting the ominous gig, NYE at the Sydney Harbour and hitting the high seas, playing in New Caledonia and Timor Leste.

All combined, Sol Nation has created one of the most exuberant, colourful, intoxicating and exciting live shows in Australia. With a charismatic, high energy, infectious live show, and a strong global conscience.