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Hip Hop, Electronic

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One man gang


Masta Ace, Brother Ali


Born out in England. Proud DIY artist. Moved out to Perth, Australia many years ago and got immersed in the hip hop scene over there then moved to Melbourne in August 2012. Released my first album Heartcore on the 13th of May, 2011 independently through Firestarter distribution. Feature on a few releases here and there. "So, to summarize, Soma takes us down a path of love, self contemplation, reminiscing, heartache and respect. Opening up his heart to us through poetry in motion Soma definitely has a signature sound that I believe will develop and grow even stronger as he continues on with his musical career. The title of the album is true to it’s content in most aspects, probably just giving us a taste of what’s to come. Soma has a talent for storytelling as stated before with his 3 part track “Lower Class Love” and definitely can paint a picture in your mind with most of his songs. I definitely recommend purchasing this album if you haven’t already. Thanks to Soma for keeping it real and I look forward to the next production."