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Indie, Pop

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Jonathon Richman, Robyn Hitchcock, Go Betweens

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Tom Smith (g,v) and a floating membership.


Velvet Underground, The Fall, Leonard Cohen

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You Do It, I Can’t Be Bothered! The Songs of Tom Smith
His singing is barely more than talking, his guitar playing is mostly rudimentary chords but his witty, thought provoking and melodically arresting songs have been heard in live music venues and on community radio throughout Australia for almost 20 years now. Brisbane acts The Brother Man Dude, The Old Order and The Weary Drivers have featured his songs heavily in their sets and on recordings as has Adelaide band The Moonies and many others.

In recent years he has found himself in demand for his Song Writing Workshops in schools, indigenous communities and in the disability sector. Needing a break from the live rock n roll circuit, Tom decided in 2011 to experience the freedom of playing chalkboard sessions, busking outside train stations and reciting his song lyrics at performance poetry open mics. This released him from the confines of writing songs with a particular audience in mind and resulted in a very productive and creative burst of song writing.

In January 2013, having been away for a year working in an Aboriginal Community in WA and still wanting to avoid the live performance/recording treadmill, he half-jokingly put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to have his songs - they were of no use to him. The post was headed ‘You do it, I can’t be bothered!’ At best he was hoping for a few ‘likes’ and maybe a commiseratory comment or two. He hasn’t had so much fun in years and is still happily giving away songs to anyone that wants one.

Can a collection of songs written by the same person but recorded totally independently by a diverse range of Australian and international artists form a unified body of work? Form your own opinion or download the results for free at:

Tom has been heartened by the response of many bands and musicians who have generously done amazing versions of songs he has written. This has resulted in a surge of energy and enthusiasm and he has decided to bring the songs to the live performance arena. He has however become very choosy about how where and by whom his songs are performed as he wants the songs to be received in the right spirit. His carefully crafted songs and delivery style reward the audience looking to be not just entertained but interested in ideas and a delivery that challenges and provokes.

The Songs Of Tom Smith (solo) is just him and his guitar. The Songs of Tom Smith (band) is a collection of different people singing and playing his songs with Tom sometimes acting as the master of ceremonies (not singing or playing).