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Sounds like

Kings of Leon

band members

David van Vuuren (Vocals, Guitar), Julian van Rensburg (Guitar), Alex Smillie (Bass) Dylan Hunt on Drums.


Queens Of The Stone Age, Kurt Vile, Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, War On Drugs, Highly Suspect, Foals, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Districts, Gary Clark Jr and many more



Southern Wild are a four-piece Rock band from
Cape Town, South Africa. The band consists of
David van Vuuren (Vocals, Guitar), Julian van
Rensburg (Guitar), Alex Smillie (Bass) and Dylan
Hunt on Drums. The idea of Southern wild was
born through a dream in early 2015.

They have played some prestigious festivals since
their inception such as OppiKoppi, Up The Creek and
River Republic.

They are in the middle of recording a full length
debut album at Popsicle studios. Due for release
later this year, the album promises a journey
consisting of many layers and paths to its listener,
much like a wafer biscuit car on an eight lane
highway. Every song within their set provides
something unique with each piece of music
standing alone. Heavily focused on feel and

this band gives absolutely everything each time they hit the stage. They are
in the midst of translating this same energy onto an album and are gaining
followers each week through organic, self-promotion. They have been well
documented by some of SA’s most relevant music bloggers and are planning
a national tour to promote the release of ‘Lead Role In A Classic Horror’,
the name and concept behind the album which will be a collection of ten
songs exploring this concept in depth; each of us being the lead actress/
actor in a classic horror. Meaning there’s no fundamental difference
between you and your neighbour and that you’re just like everyone else
before you. The use/choice of using ‘Horror’ is because a lot of the time
life is mostly moments of happiness, separated by long periods of self-doubt

That being said, this album explores how to try and live a life built up of
mostly long periods of happiness and only moments of the aforementioned
“negative” state.

Southern Wild recently recorded a single at the legendary Belville Studios
by Theo Crous which will be released next month, accompanied by a music
video filmed by their fans/public with the theme being, ‘When’s The Last Time
You Felt Real For A Minute?’

The full album will be released later this year and will be extensively toured
around South Africa with possibilities of opportunities abroad.